Welcome to my new blog!

Hello and many thanks for visiting my new blog!  I have wanted to be a blogger for so long and I am happy to finally see this through!

My name is Kristy Meinhardt.  I am foremost a wife to my husband David and mother to my beautiful and lively one-year old daughter, Danielle.  Although most of the content on this blog is to support my professional world, if you follow me you’ll most likely see snippets of them throughout my conversations.  They are my life.

After wife and mom, I am the owner and event planner behind my new business, Kristy Meinhardt Events.  My career in event planning officially began on January 26, 2008, the day David proposed to me.  I know, I know…not another bride-turned-wedding planner!  But that’s truly where my passion for weddings, and all events for that matter, began.

With a background in marketing and public relations, I’ve dabbled in event planning my entire professional life and events have always been fun for me.  My wedding put me over the top though.  During the course of planning my big day, I started thinking this really may be a career that I could enjoy and possibly be good at.

Enter Elliston Vineyards in Sunol, California.  After blindly sending my resume to pretty much every winery from Santa Cruz to Livermore just looking for a foot in the door to my newfound career, Donna Flavetta from Elliston took a much-appreciated chance on me.  With little to no experience, she hired me as an event coordinator in September 2008 and, in the two and a half years that followed, I had the pleasure of being the lead coordinator for over 20 weddings and learning first hand all that goes into making each day perfect, or as perfect as a wedding can be.  And just like that, I had finally discovered my passion.

So, let’s go back to my wedding.  I would never have considered hiring a wedding consultant.  Party planning is in my genes after all and this was the biggest party I would ever host in my life.  I was going to be the sole person working on each and every aspect of the big day.  Period.

But what I learned in the course of planning my wedding was that weddings are riddled with mistakes.  Most guests don’t notice them or maybe they pretend to not notice.  Weddings are just such a big project…how could there not be mistakes?  And I made a ton of mistakes in my planning.  Among them, I chose a venue that was just slightly out of my price range (my dad would probably say it was more than “slightly”), I didn’t dress up my reception nearly as much as I would have liked, I failed to notice in my contract that the venue coordinator would be leaving after meal service (but before the cake cutting, toasts and everything else!) and I even forgot to put together a list of “must get” shots that I wanted for my photographer to take that day.  (Fortunately for me, my photographer was a good friend and such a professional that she was able to read my mind and get the most amazing pictures a girl could ask for!)

I also learned that no one prepares brides for how busy they are going to be in the weeks and days leading up to the wedding.  Between calling in guest counts, making final payments, alphabetizing escort cards, doing seating charts, delivering welcome gifts to hotels and the tanning, nails, hair/makeup rehearsals, overall primping…you will be frantic.

Now, I’m not saying that if you hire me or another consultant, your wedding will be mistake-free and you’ll be calm as a cucumber before you walk down the aisle.  I’m just saying that having someone who has experience planning weddings and all that comes with them gives you peace of mind that maybe you can’t get from anyone else during that precious time before you get married.

Now I’ll share with you something I’ve never said out loud.  Moments before I walked down the aisle to get married…from my dad’s arm even…I leaned over to the event coordinator assigned to me by the venue and asked her, “Is everything ready for the reception?” to which she replied, “Of course.”  So after the ceremony, I finally made my way to the reception room for my introduction and found that it was not ready at all.  To my dismay, the chocolate brown pintuck linens I had asked her to order (the ones we had paid for) weren’t on the tables and the staff had placed these horrible trees that didn’t match my style in the least around the cake table.  Not the end of the world certainly, but I still couldn’t hide my disappointment.  Mistakes were made.

As a side note, I tell people that I could have been married in the alley behind our house and it would have been just as beautiful as long as the outcome was the same.  And while that’s not entirely true, the sentiment is there.  I feel like we sometimes get caught up in the madness that weddings bring when we should rather focus on the purpose behind it all.

I hope that you find the information in my blog helpful and if I can be of assistance for any event that you’re in the process of planning, I hope that you will contact me.  Thank you again for visiting my site!



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