K&L – Elliston Vineyards, Sunol, CA

K&L’s wedding has the distinction of being my very last wedding as a venue coordinator at Elliston.  It’s hopefully not my last wedding there ever, since it’s such a beautiful venue with great staff and a great feel to it.  (I’m not biased at all!)  I was with this couple from the moment they first toured the venue and I did their planning and two menu tastings (they’re both self-confessed foodies), so there wasn’t any way I wouldn’t see this wedding through to the end!

It amazes me how I discover something special and unique with each wedding that I work on.  This wedding was no different.  K recently graduated from a master’s program in music.  She loves the movie The Princess Bride and used that to set the theme of her wedding.  L is an engineer at Facebook.  They are both very witty, smart, fun and completely perfect for each other.  The wedding details most important to them were the food, wine and of course the music.

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The importance of pictures

Everyone in the wedding industry works on photos.  At the end of the day, it’s all we have to show of our work after all.  So I was proudly showing my husband my very first blog post on Friday night and he thought it was great, except that it needs pictures.  Duh!  (And darn it, I hate when he’s right!)

So here’s a shot of us at the sweetheart table at our reception.  Notice there are no chocolate pintuck linens in sight, yet it was still a beautiful day.

The photo is by Pascale Wowak, who is our amazing friend and photographer.  Her work can be followed at www.pascalewowakphotoblog.com.  My profile picture was also shot by Pascale on my wedding day.