K&L – Elliston Vineyards, Sunol, CA

K&L’s wedding has the distinction of being my very last wedding as a venue coordinator at Elliston.  It’s hopefully not my last wedding there ever, since it’s such a beautiful venue with great staff and a great feel to it.  (I’m not biased at all!)  I was with this couple from the moment they first toured the venue and I did their planning and two menu tastings (they’re both self-confessed foodies), so there wasn’t any way I wouldn’t see this wedding through to the end!

It amazes me how I discover something special and unique with each wedding that I work on.  This wedding was no different.  K recently graduated from a master’s program in music.  She loves the movie The Princess Bride and used that to set the theme of her wedding.  L is an engineer at Facebook.  They are both very witty, smart, fun and completely perfect for each other.  The wedding details most important to them were the food, wine and of course the music.

Since they booked a date during the Bay Area’s rainy season and the primary ceremony site at Elliston is outdoors, the weather was certainly a risk.  But I love when couples do that because it indicates to me that what’s most important to them is that they are married at the end of the day and that’s the couple who has a blast on their wedding day…rain or shine!

The weather did cause some problems.  It rained until about 15 minutes before the ceremony.  The bride had conceded and asked me to proceed with our plan B to have the ceremony in the same room as the reception.  It was going to be a tight fit, since they had a 5-piece band in the middle of setting up for the party and seating for 120 guests, but it would do the job of keeping the guests and, more importantly, the string musicians dry.  When the rain stopped right before the ceremony though, L came to me and asked to move it back outside.  An outdoor ceremony is what his bride really wanted and he wanted to give her that, he said.  And with that my heart melted, so that’s what we did!  With the exception of it being somewhat chilly, it was just perfect!


So let’s go back to the special unique aspect of this particular wedding.  Like I said, K is a musician and she’s a highly accomplished pianist from what I understand.  For her entrance, she took one of the pieces from the soundtrack for the Princess Bride (remember her theme) and created an arrangement for a string quartet and classical guitar.  The musicians were all close personal friends from college.  As a wedding coordinator, I’m used to being the one in charge of the timing for the processional; however, this time I let her tell me when she should begin down the aisle.  After all, she was listening to the music and knew exactly when she should begin to time things just perfectly.  And that’s what it was…just perfect!

K was also a DIY bride and, as a DIY bride myself, I LOVE that!  She made these great simple centerpieces for each table that really kept with her Princess Bride, country, earthy feel.


Congratulations K&L!  It was a pleasure working with you!



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