Best week EVER!

First, I apologize for my absence.  I haven’t been missing really, just working hard behind the scenes getting things together.  One thing that I’ve been spending most of my time on is my workspace.  Until last week, here is where I was writing you from…


Well, that’s not exactly true.  I would take supplies from this area in our garage to the kitchen table or living room floor to work from, but you get what I’m trying to say…it was not efficient in the least!  Since last Tuesday however, I have new built-in custom desk and cabinets that I’ve been thinking about since I gave up an office for a nursery and that I’m completely excited about!  I still have a considerable amount of work to do, but here’s my new space (designed by Brent’s Custom Cabinets in Fremont)…


Isn’t it gorgeous!  Efficiency can begin…NOW!

And the new office wasn’t the only excitement from last week.  You may have heard of a little affair that the Queen of England hosted last Friday.  Now I know that many of you are tired of hearing about the Royal Wedding and could probably care less, but I really couldn’t consider myself a wedding professional if I didn’t at least give my thoughts.  So here goes…

Yes, I was one of the crazies who woke up at 2am to catch both the guests arriving and the wedding and, having said that, I absolutely LOVED every single minute of it!  First, I have to tell you my direct connection to royalty.  Diana and Charles were married on July 29, 1981, which was my eighth birthday.  (I know, they chose my day!)  I was visiting my grandparents in Phoenix at the time and woke up with my grandmother to watch their wedding at the same ungodly hour that I did last week.  An expert in planning parties and even many a tea in her lifetime, my grandmother would not have missed this wedding and since she passed last year, I felt it was my duty to wake up and watch it just in her honor alone.

Here are a few of the many things I loved…

  • Most of all, there was such graciousness and warmth to and between William and Kate.  I loved how he arrived at the Abbey and immediately began greeting guests.  And then when Kate was walking down the aisle with her father (which, by the way, has to be the longest trek ever in wedding history!), you could see emotion in her and not just nervousness because she was in front of 1,900 guests (which would be enough for me!).  You could just tell she was excited.  I guess I felt as if Wills and Kate were like every bride and groom that I’ve ever worked with in my career thus far.  They were excited, nervous, anxious, and most of all happy, even in the most intense, pressure-filled situation.
  • Okay, I’ll say it…I loved the pomp and circumstance.  Now, I’m aware that the Royal Family really doesn’t rule over anything anymore, but I loved that they still sent each wedding guest a 22-page etiquette guide telling him or her what to wear and how to act.  (And the prime minister’s wife STILL didn’t wear a hat, but that’s on her!)   And I’m not sure which station you watched (I’ve seen the coverage from three!), but the one I watched the morning of the wedding even caught Kate’s curtsy in front of the Queen after the pronouncement.  That was one of the highlights for me, actually!
  • Of course I loved Kate’s dress.  It was just so elegant and beautiful.  It was also a bit conservative, which I felt was totally appropriate for this situation and I’m glad she went that way.  Pippa’s dress was equally beautiful and let’s just say it was a little less on the conservative side.  (As a side note, you’ll notice in my post below that K&L’s wedding also had the bridesmaids in white dresses and I kind of like that trend.  I heard one of the commentators say that having your bridesmaids in a color actually detracts from the bride a little.  Hmmm, interesting.)  Both evening dresses were just as fabulous, I thought.

Getting up at 2:00am created a long day for me to say the least, but it was all worth the effort.  I ended the special day at a Royal Wedding party hosted by my good friend Courtney’s mom, Juli.  We all wore hats (some crazier than others!) and watched the coverage all over again while enjoying a buffet of fish & chips, cabbage salad, toad in the hole, and of course champagne.

I’ll end with this.  While watching the early morning coverage of the wedding, I kept thinking about how I would LOVE a copy of one of the wedding programs that you saw everyone, including Wills and Kate, flipping through during the ceremony.  I even went so far as to write a note to myself to see if I could buy one online!  Well, I didn’t have to do that because one of the favors that Juli had at the party was a downloaded copy of the exact program, nicely bound and everything!  So excited!!!  She did such a great job that I wanted you all to see this copy of mine…


If you’re interested in printing your very own program (and why wouldn’t you be?!), you can download this at–Official-programme–including-Order-of-Service–available-online.

I must go now and work on filling this grand new office of mine.  Expect more on my blog in the coming days, like my good friend Nikki’s wedding in Hawaii on St. Patrick’s Day and my recent trip to New York!



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