Something Blue

Last month, I attended a wonderful new event called Something Blue at Opa! Restaurant in Los Gatos, hosted by Karla Randolph of The Card Lady and Stephania Panayotopoulos of For My Sweet P.   Going in, I thought it would be a typical mixer of wedding professionals and vendors but I was pleasantly surprised to see that attendees consisted of both the pros, along with brides and their girlfriends.  The event featured three fashion shows of local swimwear and lingerie boutiques and a vendor showcase with everything from jewelry, to invites, to a delicious candy bar and local mobile bar service (which served the yummiest blue mojitos!).

Karla and Stephania put together a fabulous line up of some of the most unique wedding and event vendors (see my complete list below).  One particular vendor stood out to me and that was Silvi Alcivar from The Poetry Store.  Silvi was set up right beside the check-in area at a small antique table with an old-style typewriter.  She types custom poems on-the-spot for guests at weddings, showers and other special occasions.  She was doing demos for everyone there, so I just had to wait in line to see what this was about.

Once I got to the front of the line, Silvi had me select a square from her beautiful selection of papers and after simply asking who I wanted the poem to be for and what I wanted it to be about, she wrote the most darling little poem for my daughter.  This is what she wrote (along with pictures so you can see all of the cool indentation she did):

for you

for danielle

for you,

i am wanting

a life like

the moon at night—



always making



in the surrounding

dark of night.



Beautiful, right?!  Silvi can also do custom typewritten gifts for your bridal party and even had an example of a poem she wrote for a wedding that was added to one of their wedding photos and framed for their home.

And if you know me, you know that I usually try my hardest at events to NOT be photographed, as I really don’t care for picture-taking much.  However, Urban Shutterbug managed to catch me without my knowing.  If you scroll down on their blog post about Something Blue, you may see me with my nose in a program trying to take in it all!

I met with Karla the week following the event and was so happy to hear that she plans to host more Something Blue showcases in the future.   I will certainly let everyone know once I hear of any dates.  And now that I know what it is all about, I will make sure all my girlfriends get an invite too!

Something Blue vendors included: Amwest Braun Printing, Azucar Bar, Balance and Contrast, Blacy’s Fine Jewelry, Brian Bluz Lu (DJ), Dress: Luxury Attire on Loan, Fine Linen Creations, For My Sweet P, Green Eyed Girls Jewelry, In the Olde Manner, Intwined Bowties, N Compass Cinema, Kelly Paper, Omni Peace, Opa! Los Gatos, Palapa Lounge Beachwear, Philz Coffee, Powells Sweet Shoppe, Romantiques Lingerie, Signature Bloom, Stella and Dot Jewelry (Annie Chang), Sugar Cloud, That Girl Beautique, The Card Lady, The Salon Nuvoux, Urban Shutterbug and Zazzle.


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