Heirloom Jewelry

It’s hard to believe we’re in November!  I hope everyone had a great October and an excellent Halloween!  I’ll admit, Halloween has never been one of my favorite holidays.  However, it’s amazing how things change once you have a child.  Dani and I had the best time walking around our neighborhood for her very first attempt at trick or treating.  She loved it, even if we did skip most of the houses.  She was just happy to be outside, I think!  And her ladybug costume was ADORABLE…thanks Grandma Carol!

On to today’s blog post.  This is one that I’ve had on my mind for some time now and is somewhat personal.  Starts a little sad, but it gets happier and I promise there’s a point.

September 18, 2011 marked the one-year anniversary of my grandmother’s passing.   We were extremely close and this past year without her was much more difficult than I ever could have imagined it would be.  As hard as it was, now that a year has passed, I realize that really, I’m lucky.  Most people don’t have the opportunity to get as close to their grandmothers as I did and many don’t have 37 full years with them.  I’m extremely grateful for that.  And she was quite sick for a long time.  If you had told me even just five years ago that I would fall in love, move to California, get married, have a baby AND that my grandmother would share in all those experiences with me, I wouldn’t have believed you.

This is one of my favorite all time pictures.  She was “Granny” to us and wanted to be known to her great grandchildren as “Granny Great”, so this is Dani with her Granny Great when she was just 7 weeks old.


But I don’t say all this to bring everyone down.  I have so many great memories of my time with my grandmother and we shared a lot in common.  She was the ultimate party planner.  She loved everything about hosting a dinner party, wedding, tea or any gathering you can think of.  Her influence is most certainly where my passion for events and weddings in particular began.  Another thing we shared was a love of was dressing a table and again, we loved everything…china, silverware, glassware, linens, centerpieces, you name it!

So after my grandmother’s memorial service last year, my family gathered at my Aunt Sue’s house to be together.  We were all sharing memories when my Aunt Connie gave me one of the most precious gifts I’ve ever received.

My grandmother made sure we all had something from her estate that we would love and for Connie, she gave her silver.  Connie had heard from her sister of a company that takes pieces of special silver and turns them into jewelry, more specifically heirloom pieces.   Knowing how my grandmother and I shared this common bond and love, she had a bracelet made for me.  (Makes me cry every time!)

The company Connie went through even researches the silver and includes a card with your shipment giving you the name of the exact pattern.   My grandmother’s pattern is the Damask Rose 1946 Oneida Heirloom Sterling.  I wear my bracelet pretty much every day and I love that it makes me feel like I have her with me always too.

Here is a shot of my bracelet.  I’m sure there are many more companies that provide the same service, but this one is by Polished Pepper.


Makes for a perfect “something old” if you’re getting married or if you’re not, I feel it’s just a beautiful way to pass down silver through generations.  I’m happy to say that now every Chelgren woman has one of these bracelets and I’m sure Granny is smiling down on us all in approval.


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