Happy 2012!

Around this time of year four years ago, a friend of mine published a list of 100 goals she wanted to accomplish and then she blogged as each one was checked off her list.  I thought the idea was good, so I set up a blog (separate from this blog, obviously) and began writing a list of my own.  I actually only got to 25 goals, but I felt that was a good start. Some were big dreams like getting married and starting a family, while others were smaller like baking cookies for David once a month. (He really loves cookies!) But then, after getting it all down in writing, I did nothing.  I just got carried away with the day-to-day of life to even look at the list ever again.

Fast forward four years later, I’m reminiscing about all that has happened in 2011 and I see that many of the goals I wrote down then have become realized, without even focusing on them.   David proposed not even a month later and we married that November.  We had our first child the next year (I know, we work fast!).  And while I don’t make cookies EVERY month, I try to bake for special occasions.  That’s really just because we’re both constantly watching our diets and David understandably doesn’t want the temptation.

Other goals from this list included to write more, open my own business (not even knowing what kind of business that would be), run a marathon and get back into my size 6 suits.  While I’m still not writing as much here as I would like, I’m definitely writing more.  I’ve spent the entire last year putting together a business that will launch (I repeat, WILL LAUNCH!) next month.  I ran my first marathon in Half Moon Bay in September and that feat got me closer to fitting into my smaller suits.  Not fully there yet, but to tell you the truth size 6 feels like a silly goal to me now. I’m healthy and happy, so I’ll just go buy more suits!

This reminiscing got me thinking about how successful I could be if I again wrote down my goals, but focused on them this time.  I do keep a weekly to-do list that is quite unrealistic actually.  I get things checked off of my list, just usually not in the week that I set out to accomplish them.  So, this year, here are just a few main goals…

  1. Write more.  And I really mean it this time!  I promise to give this blog more lovin’ in 2012.  Hopefully, twice a week.
  2. Launch my business.  At least this time I have a plan and now I even have a deadline that is just two weeks away too.  Look for Kristy Meinhardt Weddings at the Modern Bridal Faire in Pleasanton on January 15!
  3. Take care of myself more.  For some reason, we become mothers and all of a sudden we don’t shower every day and we neglect what used to be a daily routine.  Last year, my goal was to get into a good schedule taking care of my daughter and continuing to work.  This year, time to work me back into that!

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!  Hope 2012 is full of health and happiness for us all!  I’ll leave you with a picture I had taken at our annual family photo shoot…me with the medal from my very first marathon!  (Photo by Pascale Wowak Photography)




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