Weekend Crafting Inspiration: Rope Monograms or Words

The weekend is here (hooray!) so it’s time for some more weekend crafting inspiration.  I found this project almost a year ago on Green Wedding Shoes (see original post here).  As with last week’s project on paper baskets, this one is also versatile and can apply to weddings and events, or just to every day life.  You’ll notice that I modified the original tutorial somewhat by making a monogram instead of rope words.  I did this mostly because I love monograms, especially for weddings.  I feel like they’re a symbol of the family that you’re building and they fit perfectly in your home after the wedding is over.

A couple notes:  I used a heavier rope because I was doing a larger monogram.  If you were planning on a smaller monogram or a word, it would be better to use a lighter weight rope or jute.  Also, the original tutorial warned that the longer the word, the more flimsy your final product.  Just something to be aware of before you start.


  • Rope or jute (depending on what you’re doing and how big you want it to be)
  • 4 oz. white school glue
  • ½ cup cornstarch
  • ¼ cup warm water
  • Wax paper


  • Heavy-duty scissors
  • Plastic bowl (one that you won’t mind throwing away at the end)
  • Whisk
  • Twist ties (optional)


Decide what you plan to write and lay out enough wax paper to fit the size of the project.  Then measure out approximately how much rope you will need.  If you’d like, you can sketch the word or letter onto the wax paper to use as a guide.  Next, mix the glue, cornstarch and warm water with your whisk until it’s clump-free.

Feed the rope into the glue mixture until it’s fully saturated.  (This is where it starts to get messy!)

Write your word or letter onto the wax paper with the rope.  Be sure to press hard in any areas where the rope overlaps.  (My “M” kept flipping up in the overlapped sections, so I used twist ties to keep them together while the glue set.)

Allow the project to dry overnight.  The original tutorial said 12 hours, but mine took a little longer.

Finally, I added a piece of twine for hanging and a small bouquet of flowers from our yard just to dress it up.  And voila, you have a monogram!

Although I would say this project was super easy, I still made what I would consider a major mistake.  I used far too much glue!  I checked my monogram after it had been drying for about 10 hours and I had used so much glue that it had “puddled” in a few areas.  Since it was mostly dry and stable by then, I took it off the wax paper and wiped it clean with a damp towel.  Even so, I did end up with a couple big clumps that dried and took some scrubbing to get off.

This leads me to a few important tips I’ve learned about DIY projects.  1) Always do a test run (or two, or three!) of your project, especially if it’s for a big event like a wedding.  You will learn how to make it better with each try.  2) Most times, the final product is not exactly as you envisioned it.  And that’s okay; sometimes it actually turns out better!  3) It will not be perfect and if you want it to look professional, you need to hire a professional to do it for you.  That said, DIY projects are personal to you and represent your creativity and hard work.  That, to me at least, trumps professional any day!

I’m already planning an update to this post…now that I’ve finished this project, I want to try doing Mr. and Mrs. signs to use on the backs of the bride and groom’s chairs or as cute photo props.  Look for that in the near future!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!  See you next week!


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