DIY Painted Bottle Centerpieces

If you ever visit my home, you will probably notice that I almost always have fresh cut flowers around the house.  I try to shop our local farmer’s market every week, but if I’m short on time, I will pick up a bunch at the store or even just cut a few blooms from our yard to put in a bud vase.  Anything to have fresh flowers in the house.  So, when I saw this pin for DIY bottle centerpieces, I knew this was something I needed to try.

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The Next Few Months

My growing family

As I get closer to d-day in this pregnancy (I’m due Nov. 28, but I honestly feel like I could pop any day!), I wanted to write a short post on what my plans are and what you can expect from me over the next few months.

  • I plan to slow down for “maternity leave” beginning Nov. 1 to give me time to focus on the final preparations for this little guy’s arrival.  After the baby comes, I will devote the month of December to my family.  (For some reason, I must like the craziness of having holiday babies.  In addition to welcoming our new arrival around Thanksgiving, my daughter’s third birthday is a few days before Christmas.  I’m sure that won’t be stressful in the coming years!)
  • Although I won’t be as available as I usually am starting next month, I will still check email and voicemail on a regular basis.  If you contact me, I maybe won’t be as quick to respond, but you can still expect a reply as soon as I can possibly get to it.  Should be within a few days max.
  • I’ll continue to be present within my social media networks as much as possible, including on my Facebook page, Pinterest, Instagram and here on the blog.  And as soon as I have a picture of the most handsome boy in the universe, know that it will be posted across them all!
  • Baring any unexpected difficulties, I plan to be back in full-force on January 1.

I’m of course a planner at heart so I’m finding the “not-knowing” a little frustrating, even the second time around.  If you need to contact me, please still do.  I promise to get back in touch with you as soon as I possibly can.  And if you’re among the lucky couples getting engaged this holiday season, congrats!  I can’t wait to talk with you about your wedding!

- Kristy

Happy Anniversary Steve and Kim!

Photo credit: Octavia Hunter

Steve and Kim were married on October 11, 2009 at Elliston Vineyards in Sunol, CA.  I honestly feel that Kim was a wedding planner in a former life and I knew from the moment I met her that we were a perfect fit!  Every detail of her wedding was so well thought out, from the Vermont chocolate favors (Steve is from Vermont), to the sweet lavender heart wreath hanging on the tree leading up to the ceremony, to the “fortune” bouquet of lottery tickets and good luck charms which strategically broke apart as it was tossed so that each girl got something.  (I must give partial credit for that idea to her DJ, Kevin from Fantasy Sound!)

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