Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving centerpieces

Wishing everyone a very happy Thanksgiving and start of the holiday season!  It’s early in the morning on Thanksgiving Day and, as I write this, I’m still pregnant.  I’m pretty tired, but extremely grateful to have my husband at home and my in-laws in town.  They’ve all been a huge help!  I’m also thankful that I had the time and energy this week to do our grocery shopping for today’s meal, plan out our table, put together a cute pumpkin centerpiece (that’s it pictured above) and even bake a few pies.  All things I love about this time of year!  (Side note: I pinned a great recipe on Pinterest from A Beautiful Mess for a brownie pecan pie and I can’t WAIT to taste it!  I’ll let you know if it’s good, but really…how could it not be?!)

After David and I got married, Thanksgiving quickly became “our” holiday in the Meinhardt home.  He’s a fire fighter and works his fair share of holidays, but we try to take vacation around Thanksgiving every year to visit our family since they all live out of town and start some family traditions of our own.  I thought I’d share one tradition that I started a few years ago…our “I am thankful for” cards.

I get the cards at Paper Source, but you could easily print them yourself or you can even use blank cards.  I put one card at each place setting and before dinner, I ask guests to write what they’ve been thankful for over the past year.  We then read our cards throughout the course of dinner.  After we’re done, I collect the cards and put them in my “Thanksgiving” box for safekeeping.  We’ve only been doing this for the last three years, but I plan to reopen each year’s cards after at least five years have passed to reminiscence about where we’ve been and all that has happened since.

I am thankful for cardsThankful cards and box

This year, I’m not sure I’ll have room on my card for all that I’m grateful for.  First and foremost, I’m so thankful for my husband, our beautiful daughter, and the rest of our loving family and of course for the baby boy who is on the way.  I’m also thankful for the year of building I’ve had in my business and for all the clients and colleagues I’ve been fortunate to meet along the way.  And finally, I’m thankful for all the opportunities that lie ahead in 2013.  I feel incredibly blessed!

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!  Many, many blessings to you all!

- Kristy


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