Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad!

Mom and Dad's wedding party

Today is my parent’s 42nd wedding anniversary and this picture is one of my favorites of their wedding party.

My mom planned the wedding while my dad was away in Vietnam and she was unsure what their exact wedding date would be for most of her planning. When my dad surprised her by returning for her birthday on November 17, they began finalizing the details and they married a month later in the chapel at Brophy College Prep in Phoenix (my dad’s alma mater).

It was a very small gathering, just family and a few close friends. My mom found her dress at Goldwater’s for $129 and she remembers being extremely nervous to ask her father for the money to buy it. Her best friend and my namesake, Kristy, was her maid of honor. My Aunt Sue was her other attendant, and she’s where I get my middle name, Marie.

After the ceremony, they had a short reception at the church with finger sandwiches, cake and champagne. My grandfather was in charge of supplying the champagne and bought so much that they had a case left over, which they donated to the priests at the church to enjoy during the holidays. Later that evening, my parents took just the family to a restaurant in Scottsdale for a steak and lobster dinner and, after the holidays, they moved to El Paso, TX to begin their married life together.

I haven’t necessarily been as present on the blog and in social media as I’ve wanted to be over the last year and a half (mostly because of having babies and all the work that comes with that!), but I’m still working on my business with whatever spare time I get. I was blessed to work with two amazing couples on their weddings this year and I’ve also been doing a lot of soul searching during this time, trying to discover why I love weddings so. What makes me unique as a planner? Why did I choose to do this?

I’m still figuring it all out, but I can tell you that I love hearing all kinds of wedding stories, just as I love my parents’ story. And I really believe that your kids and grandkids will want to hear yours as well.

So I tell you this long story to tell you another. At a business workshop two summers ago, one of our assignments was to choose an image that we felt was iconic of us. I chose this one…


Photo by Pascale Wowak Photography

It’s a picture of the bouquets at my wedding, which were designed by my mom. My bouquet was very simple, just hydrangeas surrounded by some greenery. But in my bouquet, my mom created a little rosette from the baby bonnet that I came home from the hospital in when I was born. Just a piece of my wedding story that I can’t wait to share with my children!

Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad! And thank you for sharing your story with me! Who else has a wedding story to tell?